Elastiek (2015)

Poppin' Chops:

Koen Kaptijn: trombone
Jeroen Kimman: pedal steel guitar

Not for office hours this one. This is the result of a research grant where i got to explore the spacier possibilities of the pedal steel guitar. Also kind of trying to make the trombone and pedal steel into one weird gliding instrument. And for some reason i felt it needed 'tape': celebrated a lonely 2015 New Year by recording the fireworks from my balcony. I used it here unedited, coincidences can be wonderful.
Titlebit (2015)

Michiel van Dijk : tenor sax & flute
Jeroen Kimman: pedal steel guitar, percussion, bass

For an upcoming project... little demo.
The Family Tapes (2008)

Alfredo Genovesi: guitar
Raphael Vanoli: guitar
Jasper Stadhouders: guitar
Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar


Almost forgot about this, a guitar-quintet with some of my finest guitar colleagues. Back in 2008 this was. Just improv, no effect pedals.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot (2015) (Wallace Willis)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

I Love You Best Of All (2015) (Charlie & Ira Louvin)