Cointreau Elegance (bessen)  (2014)

Anna voor de Wind : clarinet
Koen Kaptijn: trombone
Gerri Jaeger: drums
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

Recorded a little demo with what hopefully will be a 'real band' one day, when we have ze time. Right now we have a baby. (2015 update: now ze others are having a baby)

Feels  (2014)

Have a feeling we heard this before. Yes! But this is the best arrangement so far.

Nummeke 9  (2014)

From one brilliant man to another.
Brown's Ferry Blues (2014) (Alton and Rabon Delmore)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse : guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

Do You Live What You Preach (2014) (Ira and Charlie Louvin)