To ze moon (2013)

Eefje de Visser: vocals
Peter Jessen: lapsteel bass
Koen Kaptijn: trombone(s)
Nora Fischer: back-up vocal
Jeroen Kimman: pedal steel guitar, MPC, harmonium

33 1/3 Collective: video (animation)

Anyway, this music was made for a 15 minute pilot that the Rosa Ensemble did on the Dutch Opera Days, in the hopes of raising enough money to make a full on music/theater-show somewhere next year. I think we might have managed that. (note: 'they' did manage it, but since then i dropped out of the project as well as the ensemble for reasons that will remain discretely unmentioned)

The strange premise for this project is/was that it's supposed to somehow be about Joseph Stalin: not terribly easy to come up with a refreshing take on the subject; one seems to agree about the fact he wasn't a very nice man.
Nicely surprising though is that young Joseph used to be a quite prolific poet in his youth.
So the above song is my attempt to turn one of his poems into a -somewhat- catchy tune, which was quite of a puzzle cuz his poetry don't rhyme yo.

here's some more music from this project:

Be full of blossom (2013)

Eefje de Visser: vox
Nora Fischer: vox
Daniel Cross: MPC
Peter Jessen: bassguitar
Jeroen Kimman: pedal steel guitar
33 1/3 Collective: sound effects

A collage of Stalin-poetry this one. Not too unholy an act: again, it's not that old Joseph deserves too much slack, plus, all his rather bland poetry is quite interchangeable in its patriotic floral romantisism.

ok, one more:

Pedalbone (2013)

Koen Kaptijn: trombone
Jeroen Kimman: pedal steel guitar

For this entire project i chose to play the pedal steel guitar, forcing me to learn to play the damn thing just a fraction better, it is a crazymaking instrument, a multi-tasking monster.
But it's fun to try and get some non-country, more abstract sounds out of it. This ditty is a first attempt to a hopefully future project in which i'd like to focus on combining the perks that the pedal steel might have in common with the trombone, or rather, multiple trombones: a fully elastic sustainy gold-brassy microtonal cosmos. Not actually sure this all makes sense...