La Fugitive (2008)


Sandor Caron - electronics
Gerri Jaeger - drums
Jelte van Andel - upright bass
Jasper Stadhouders - guitar
Jeroen Kimman - guitar

I think it was back around 2001, when i still had seas of time (these days i only have lots), that i read Marcel Proust's 'A la recherche du temps perdu', which, as you might know, is a massive read since it was basically his life's work. It consists of 7 books. Actually i had so much time that i also spent way too much of it composing music inspired by it. 7 pieces. Half of those i never even used for anything, nor do i remember what that music was like really. Recently i tried to find the scores again, but they seem to have dissapeared.
Some of these pieces though i have played a few times in different constellations/bands.
This one is based on his book 'La Fugitive' which is in many ways about tormenting jealousy, a feeling i knew all too well back in those days. So i remember setting out to compose the most tormenting thing i could come up with.
There's 2 versions that i like for different reasons. The first one is a demo recording that i made with my band in 2008. It sort of breathes nicely.
The other one is a demo version that i did by myself back in 2001, which despite of the very plastic synth and electric drumset, i might even slightly prefer. It is a bit pointier and probably i was living the torment more. Oh youth...

La Fugitive (2001)

Jeroen Kimman - guitars, bass, synth, electric drumset