Feels  (2011)

Ainhoa Miranda: clarinet
Marleen Wester: violin
Jeroen Kimman: guitars, percussion, MPC

This is the first song of 7 that make up a set so to say. All these songs are meant to be sung, so all of them should be considered merely a demo. This particular one really sounds like one, i did a bit of a bad job mixing it but choose to leave it. It's maybe the 5th version or something (see below for a Marky Morse vocal one), and doesn't want to pretend it's the ultimate.

The term 'Feels' supposedly is what Brian Wilson in his good ol' days used to call the music he was making. I like that. Also very much because of the music he made. If Moby or Metallica would call their songs 'feels' it could have a smaller impact.

Also, 'Feels' is possibly my favourite Animal Collective album, and them i like too...

If those 2 things have anything to do with each other, or, this song with those 2: i don't know.

3 Weeks  (2012)

Jeroen Kimman: guitars, synth, MPC, melodica

This blog was once created as a sort of external backup for all the old stuff that i made. If anyone hears it it's nice, but anyway it's out of my system when it can all live by itself online; like some (oh corny me) message in ze bottle. Sometimes an old tune of mine appears in the shuffle and then i might think it's not too bad and throw it on here.
But to be posting a whole new set of recently made things here now, and be able to type '(2012)' feels rather nice for a change. Too much rehashing can make you cynical.

Airco Cultus (2012)

Jeroen Kimman: guitars, plastic toy drums, synth

Sometimes things happen in a certain way, then things are said, and etc. etc.
Then a title appears.
Freebee (2012)

Jeroen Kimman: guitars, plastic toy drums, synths, pedal steel 

This thing is over 9 minutes, which isn't what i conceptually promised myself, but ok. It's hard to explain.

Hoping that you're hoping (Louvin Brothers) (2012)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

It's been a while since the last Sleep Gunner update; last we bloggin' folk heard is that them was on some indeterminate break, but the SG came back on a rampage: 5 lovely shows, 4 new recordings, and countless Belgian yuppie bears later, it'd be time for ze update one reckons...

Put me on the trail to Carolina
(Delmore Brothers) (2012)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar
The first one to love you
(Helen Carter) (2012)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar
You're learning
(Louvin Brothers) (2012)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

In 19  (2012)

Jeroen Kimman: guitars, MPC, synth, pedal steel guitar


'In 19' was always a working-title that i got attached to over time for its semi-pretentious Terry-Riley-esque ring.
And yes, the rhythm is in 19, when not in 5.
Also part of this new series of songs-to-be-played-by-a-yet-inexisting-band/frightfully-stressful-composition-commission-that-was-way-overdue.
One of the underlying personal concepts for all these songs was to strive for simplicity. (again)
When i finally wrote down this 'instinctive' riff i'd been playing for a while, it turned out to be... in fucking 19.
Which made the rest of the composing for this song into hell i can say.
The melody i redid about 4 times, getting back to it every few months or so. That was hell too. In the end i'm still not so sure about it, it could be that the pedal steel guitar makes everything work, even if one can't play it for shit.
Desktop Dweller (2012)

Jeroen Kimman: guitars, MPC, synths, banjo

Yes that's my dog. Not my sheep though. As the title might suggest there's not too much to say about this song, personal-content wise.

What i can say is that it's part of a string of new ditties that i made recently, most of which i will be planting on this blog in the near future. Which doesnt make much sense to mention here since those other songs will soon appear above this one, but ok.
They are all songs that were made with the intention to form a new band to actually play them at some point. And hopefully a band that contains at least one singer, so i can stop putting all these synth- banjo- and newly-aquired-very-unmastered pedal-steel-melodic attempts in. These very lovable and singable melodies were made with a human voice in mind.

Very much in demo-version thus.

If you can't make it there,..  (2011)

Ainhoa Miranda: clarinet
Marleen Wester: violin
Jeroen Kimman: guitars, MPC

Around christmas 2010 life seemed to be going swell for me, since i had purchased a ticket to New York where i'd be spending the holidays. I have a good friend who's lucky to own a 3-story brownstone in Manhattan, and i'd be having the first floor to myself for 2 weeks. Furthermore, a whole little to-do list was planned by this friend: on arrival we'd go to Meredith Monk's party, i'd sit along with the Bang-on-a-Can ensemble's rehearsals, meet a ton of prolific musicians, more parties, etc. etc.
Having arrived at the airport in the morning, banjo packed, in general good spirits, freshly shaven and way in time, -after standing in line for an hour the very friendly airport-personnel informed me that i had not filled out this certain form where one claims to not be a criminal, drug-addict and what-not. I would never have expected that 2 years later i would have forgotten the name of this form, but i did.
Let's just say that it seems the American Government finds this form to be quite important, since my lacking to fill it out in time caused my ticket, trip and holiday to be canceled. Yes, i arrived back home 3 hours later, and never made it there. (thank God the friendly staff informed me that at least i could get a partial refund on the ticket of 290 bucks. 2 months later they transferred 10 (!) euro to my account: it turned out that first 3 different companies had to charge their administration fee of a combined total of 280.)

Anyway, when i got back home i decided -before entering a quite depressed period 3 days later- to be all-Buddha about it and at least write a song. Which would be this thingy.

I thought that the immediate Sinatra-comment from my friend Tom was priceless enough to account for a title.