My Friend Mark asked me if i shouldn't consider putting some pretty random 'unconsidered' guitar impro noodles on this blog which isn't really a blog, rather a back-up folder.
Normally i wouldn't have considered putting these very unworked things up but since A: nobody but Marks checks this blog anyway, B: the master himself proved that the unconsidered can be a marvellous thing (http://morsanek.blogspot.com/), and C: i happened to just have been recording some mindless guitar-noodles on the day that he mentioned that idea: one could say: why the hell not?

So there we go: a few guitar-prep ideas that usually get re-worked into 'song' months or years later. Be warned: the stupidity-noodle-filter is turned off.

Unconsidered trickery (2012)

There's a hook somewhere in here...

Around Happiness (2012)

Hopefully there's a song somewhere in here.

Solo-impro in some gallery (2011)

As usual with the live-impro gigs: one should have been there... in case one wonders about the kitschy modality i'd like to mention that there were quite some girls present so there you go.