Set Camp (2011)

Rosa Ensemble:
Stephanie Pan: vocals
Esther Mugambi: vocals, lyrics
Daniel Cross: percussion
Peter Jessen: double bass
Laurens de Boer: wurlitzer
Jeroen Kimman: guitar, sneaky overdubs

This is a song that i wrote for the latest Rosa show about Wilbert Bulsink's and Geert Glas's'ss 5-month bike-trip through Europe. Composing alongside Wibert for it, his sizeable composing skills intimidated me into trying to go for the simple and naive, fitting my personality. Even if putting someone else's lyrics to music, and having that music still be a coherent song, is really far from simple for me.
Gonna lay down my old guitar (Anton Delmore) (2011)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

Currently on yet another undefined break with Sleep Gunner, i'll post the latest batch of recordings, in the hopes that there'll be more to come in the future.

Stuff wás getting a bit loonier in the end:

Alabama (Eddie Hill) (2011)

And for even more outrageous:

Satan's Jeweled Crown (Edgar L. Edens/Louvin Brothers) (2011)

Flashback (2006)

Seamus Cater: harmonica
Morten J. Olsen: drums
Jeroen Kimman: banjo

Recently this came up in the shuffle. I still like it for its ambiguity on many levels. It was made years ago for a dance-piece by eternal muse H.B. Firestone.