Lorene (2011) (Charlie Louvin/Ira Louvin)

Sleep Gunner:

Mark Morse: guitar
Jeroen Kimman: guitar

I'm very happy that since a few months, Mark and I are playing with Sleep Gunner again. We had taken a year off basically, after doing an intensive theater project where we had made the mistake to hardly improvise at all within the arrangements we made (still exclusively Louvin Brothers). After playing exactly the same thing for almost a month, we got quite bored with ourselves. And with our personalities; it don't take much to simply give up for a while.

Anyway, we're back, with a vengeance. Slowly the skill of playing the right chord (out of 3) at the right time is taking shape. What's also good is that we can rehearse at home, where there's a fridge and an ashtray. And a poodle. And some nice wallpaper.

So occasionally we record a video, to satisfy all your senses. I'll post the other recent ones right now:

Kentucky (2011) (Carl Davis)


Southern Moon (2011) (Alton Delmore)