Lift (2002)

Aardvarck: beats
Jeroen Kimman: bass, guitars, synth, melodica

Indeed feeling some self-inflicted pressure to decently record some new music i'm making, meanwhile i'm putting another golden-oldie if you don't mind.

I'm pretty aware of which of my tunes are generally liked and disliked by my friends. Since my personal involvement with a tune is personal, often there's a difference between my own favorites and those of 'the others'.

This track is a typical example of a tune that most people don't care for much, whilst i'm quite attached to it myself.
Ok, i understand the sound isn't very hip. Slap-bass ain't my favorite either, and the synth/melodica unison could be described as 'annoying'. Not sure if this was already intended as a slight humorous note, or that actually my long-ago jazz-rock love played a part here. (hey, i quit that before people started calling it 'fusion')

Nostalgia surely has a role in my attachment: happy times when i made it. But also i liked the particular process of making this: i think it took me a day, and the thing grew step-by-step, without having a real plan. If i remember correctly, the process went a little bit like this:

1) pick one of Aardvarck's beats, and import it in the ol' 8-track recorder.
2) drink about 1 bottle of wine, and be sure to keep smoking cigarettes all the way through 'the session'.
3) press record and sing some vague diatonal melody on top of the rhythm without taking stuff like form or meter into account.
4) now double that melody on a cheap melodica.
5) get rid of the singing track: it sounds horrible.
6) now double the melodica-melody again on a synth you borrowed, try to use the LFO-little joystick as much as possible, only because it's fun to do. (note: since that synth was sort of broken, it was impossible to store any sounds, so every time you would put the thing on, you'd spend at least half an hour getting any kind of sound out. So: any sound will do)
7) still without taking meter or form into account, find some chord changes that go with the melody. To do this proper, try using every trick you ever came across in 'the real book'.
8) then -and this one is tricky- start recording your bass-track, phrase by phrase, and try to connect the harmonic frame of the melody with the sync-points of the beat. ('how you say?')
9) finally, play a guitar-track that makes sure people don't miss the brilliant changes you made up..

Only 9 steps! Now YOU can make a song no one likes!!